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Steam rising from the active vulcano Una Una on the island with the same name. One of the Togian islands in the north of Sulawesi, Indonesia.

Shwe Inn Thein Paya in Myanmar has 1054 stupa’s on which most of them bells are places that ring when the wind blows. A magical sight for eyes and ears.


We visited this waterfall on the first day of our motor loop around the Bolaven plateau in Laos, also called the “southern swing”. It’s a gorgeous wide waterfall with a restaurant/resort next to it. You can also read more about it in my blog about the “southern swing“.

Being brought to the mainland with a traditional fishing boat from Don Det in Laos.

Impressive waterfalls that loudly fall to form a wild river on the island of Don Kon in Laos.

Looking out the window from the night train to Laos.

Taling Chan Floating market is a market at the outskirts of Bangkok. At the gate of the market plants and orchids are sold, but further on there are about a hundred different food stalls and restaurants. Great fun to sample different Thai specialities, or just watch all the different ways food is prepared.

We celebrated New Year’s eve in Bangkok, which is a spectacular happening with grant fireworks. See the video.